"Every Sassi collection tells a unique story for jewellery that is authentic, distinctive and refined."

Renilde Vervoort


Our contemporary designs are rooted in history – each piece a timeless interpretation of traditional forms in jewellery, art or architecture. It is very important for a piece of jewellery to have history, to have a soul. Sassi Fine Jewellery is handcrafted in 18 karat gold, using millennia-old techniques such as lost-wax casting, granulation or filigree. The highest quality gemstones are hand-cut to our exacting standards. We deliver timeless elegance, effortless beauty, and an unsurpassed quality and finish. In short, we deliver wearable happiness.

Our clients, Sassi women, like to spoil themselves and often buy their own pieces. “When you buy jewellery for yourself, it has to reflect who you are” says Renilde Vervoort, “and you want to wear your jewels often. It is a shame to lock them away in a safe.” Versatile and eye-catching, many Sassi pieces can be combined and worn in different ways for a look that is stylish yet always comfortable, glamorous yet accessible, fashionable yet timeless. All the Sassi pieces are designed with the comfort of the wearer in mind: the pieces are solid but never a burden. Wear your Sassi jewellery anytime and take it everywhere with its handy leather, hand-made travel pouch that slips easily into your handbag or suitcase.

Founder and creative director, Renilde Vervoort, draws on her doctorate in history of arts, as well as her long-cultivated appreciation for exquisite design and her extensive library, to develop Sassi’s refined creations. Each piece is meticulously researched. Renilde loves the stories behind the art, the history, the buildings, the owner or the creator, all of these inspire her. She brings the essence together in her unique and timeless creations that retell the story.

Sassi reflects Renilde’s unconventional approach to jewellery design and her continued art historical research, focusing on jewellery and gemstones. She is a member of the Society of Jewellery Historians, based in London, as well as a certified gemologist.  As a diamond and coloured gemstones grader at the International Gemological Institute, she gained an even deeper understanding of the intricacies of diamonds and coloured gemstones.

Renilde, always passionate about colours, is simply in love with coloured gemstones. They were used in most jewellery, long before diamonds became widely available. A colour wheel is prominently present when she starts creating, together with a myriad of coloured pencils and markers. Utilising colour in unique and stunning combinations is a constant theme throughout the collections of Sassi. 

A true global nomad, Renilde has lived in different countries around the world and has traveled extensively, all of which influence her work. She only works with cut-to-order gemstones, which she handpicks and sources directly from Jaipur, the city with the most lapidaries in the world. This makes each piece truly, uniquely Sassi.

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