“Sassi means (gem)stones in Italian but we love the double entendre. Our clients are sassy women, confident, smart, cultured and full of spirit.

Sassi creates wearable happiness. Timeless designs rooted in history, yet with a contemporary feel, warm, generous and colourful. All Sassi pieces are handcrafted, using traditional techniques and noble materials. Sassi jewels are easy to wear, your every-day luxury.

Renilde Vervoort


Every collection tells a story


Sassi means (gem)stones in Italian and so our story begins with a gem, an aquamarine, buried in Renilde’s jewellery case. The stone was bought years earlier for Hannah who was curious about her birthstone. When she was about to turn eighteen, her mother wanted to create a special necklace, just for her. She based her design on a Roman necklace, integrated the aquamarine and ‘modernised’ its look….

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