Horta Collection

The Horta collection extracts the essence of the Art Nouveau style, a celebration of fluidity, natural forms, and intricate craftsmanship (read more here).

Horta’s curvilinear architectural forms inspired this ring featuring a London Blue Topaz teardrop cabochon that elegantly wraps around the finger. The design, comprising three harmonious movements, echoes the rhythmic flow of staircases in Horta’s creations. This ring is a tribute to the seamless blend of natural form and structural elegance, characteristic of Horta’s Art Nouveau style.

The sinuous curves of Art Nouveau, echoing the style of Victor Horta, is elegantly captured in this choker. The polished brilliance of its top surface combined with the subtle texture of brushed sides, creates a play of light and shadows. The choker is comfortable to wear either snugly around the neck or as a short necklace.

The Vine Cuff Bracelet explores the gentle dance of vines – one growing gracefully straight, the other curving whimsically around it for support. The interplay between the polished top and matte texture on the sides adds to its depth.

Drawing inspiration from the architectural genius of Victor Horta, the Horta collection fuses art and history into contemporary elegance. Each piece mirrors the intricate, organic forms and flowing lines emblematic of Horta’s Art Nouveau style. Expertly handcrafted, the collection showcases the subtle interplay of light and shadow, utilising custom-cut gemstones and 18k rose gold to reflect the innovative style Horta is renowned for. This collection offers wearable art and timeless elegance inspired by Horta’s architectural legacy.

This ring features a teardrop cabochon-cut Peridot cradled in sinuous, organic curves of 18k rose gold, polished on the top to catch the light and given a matte finish on the sides to accentuate the fluidity of the design.

The elegant Horta earrings are crafted in 18k rose gold with sinuous, organic flows. Featuring a polished top and matte-finished sides, these earrings frame your face beautifully. Wear them as shown or reverse them for an equally stunning effect. Each way brings its own unique charm.

“In this collection, we wanted to capture Horta’s mastery in three-dimensional Art Nouveau designs, especially seen in the cast iron railings of staircases, the ornate balconies, the sculpted pillars, the intricately designed doorknobs, and the elegant chandeliers, which deeply inspired us. In each of our creations this dynamic movement and organic fluidity is apparent, translating Horta’s timeless elegance into contemporary, wearable art.”


Three sweeping lines of 18k gold entwine in an eternal movement, which can be admired from different angles. The contrast of matte and polished finishes, alongside the use of negative space, adds an interesting twist to this timeless design, a versatile addition to any collection.

The Horta clip earrings are Inspired by the fluidity of the stair railings in the home of Horta himself. Each earring holds a luminous teardrop peridot. Available individually, these pieces allow for a versatile expression of style. One earring is elongated, evoking the sweeping lines of a staircase, while its counterpart is shorter, offering a more subtle nod to the same architectural inspiration. Whether worn together for a harmonious ensemble or separately to add a unique touch to any look, the Horta Cuff Earrings bring a piece of architectural history into the realm of contemporary jewellery desig

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