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Nika symbolises timeless victory and empowerment, inspiring women to define their own paths with strength, courage, and unwavering determination. Read more here.

Nika Necklace 30 mm 01

The Empress Necklace showcases a stunningly beautiful 30 mm diameter open-work medallion, meticulously crafted from radiant rose gold and iridescent mother-of-pearl. This exquisite medallion is designed to be admired from both sides: one side features the intricate gold design, while the other displays the luminous mother-of-pearl. The necklace’s 90 cm gold chain is equipped with a sliding lock, allowing to adjust the length as desired, with the two ends of the chain playfully dangling from the back. These ends are elegantly finished with small gold balls, adding a touch of sophistication and finish.

The mesmerising ‘Nika’ collection is distinguished by its signature open-work medallion, a motif inspired by a regal Byzantine body-chain. Crafted using the ancient lost-wax technique, skilled artisans first carve the medallion from malleable wax, which is then meticulously cast in 18k rose gold. Precious mother-of-pearl is thoughtfully set behind the open-work detailing, adding a layer of depth and refinement. Each medallion is framed within Sassi’s understated, contemporary design, ensuring every piece resonates with our signature blend of ancient aesthetics and craftsmanship combined with contemporary elegance and timelessness.

The stylish Nika necklace is available in two reversible sizes, 12mm and 16mm, and can be adjusted in length. Wearers can choose to show the gold medallion or the lustrous mother-of-pearl. These dual-sized medallions make the necklace perfect for layering.

Crafted with subtlety, the Lumina necklaces in the Nika collection come in three designs.

The first design features a sequence of five Nika medallions alternating with four smaller mother-of-pearl disks.

The second Lumina necklace features a gradation of three Nika medallions, alternated with two small mother-of-pearl disks, creating a captivating visual rhythm.

The Lumina Lariat necklace features a 12 mm signature Nika medallion, anchored by a delicate mother-of-pearl disk that slides to ensure the medallion stays perfectly centred. Choose to wear the necklace at lengths of 38, 40, or 42 cm.

“With Nika jewels there is no need to compromise on fun: combine the joy of movement with this timeless design, capturing the carefree spirit of these fresh, young jewels. It is a collection that never fails to amaze with its simplicity, femininity and versatility.”

Renilde Vervoort

The Nika Swivel bracelet features an innovative open design with a reversible Nika medallion and a smaller mother-of-pearl disk. Thoughtfully crafted to open easily, this bracelet blends functionality with a playful, elegant aesthetic, ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions.

The Lumina earrings artfully combine two shimmering Nika medallions two sizes with a delicate mother-of-pearl disk.

The newest addition to our Nika collection, the Recto/Verso earrings, feature a pivoting medallion that reveals two distinctive sides: an intricate open-work design and lustrous mother-of-pearl. This innovative feature allows wearers to switch between styles for a customisable look.

Featuring an ingenious design, these almost-studs earrings include a small integrated ball that enables the medallion to rotate, allowing wearers to easily switch between the intricate open-work medallion and the elegant mother-of-pearl side. 

This Lumina ring showcases a fresh design, featuring a reversible Nika medallion, complemented by a smaller mother-of-pearl disk, This innovative ring allows the wearer to effortlessly switch the display, aligning with any mood or occasion.

This Nika ring features a 16 mm rotating signature medallion, a design inspired by ancient Roman jewellery. 

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