Nika Collection

The Nika collection is paying tribute to the victory of a courageous woman. Read more here.

Nika Necklace 30 mm 01

Nika necklace with 30 mm diameter open-work medallion in mother-of-pearl and rose gold. The medallion can be admired from both sides: the intricate gold design at one side and the iridescent mother-of-pearl at the other side. The gold chain measures 90 cm total length thanks to a sliding lock, and can be adjusted to any length leaving the chain playfully dangling from the back.

The mesmerising ‘Nika’ collection is recognisable thanks to an open-work motif inspired by a regal Byzantine breast-chain, using the ancient lost wax technique, where a medallion is carved out of malleable wax by skilled artisans and then replaced by rose gold. We added precious mother-of-pearl that is seen through the open-work medallion. Thoughtfully crafted down to the most minute detail, the medallions are encircled with Sassi’s sober, contemporary design.

Whisper-thin necklaces are crafted in two designs: five Nika medallions played off four small disks of mother-of-pearl,  A short chain weighted with a small gold ball dangles from the lobster clasp in the back. Can be worn showing only the mother-of-pearl face.

Here three Nika medallions (one slightly larger than the next) are alternated with two small disks of mother-of-pearl. 

Nika necklace with two medallion sizes (12mm & 16mm), can be worn in two different ways: showing the intricate gold medallion or the iridescent mother-of-pearl side.

The Nika lariat necklace, featuring its signature 12 mm Nika medallion, epitomises timeless elegance. Anchored by a delicate Mother of Pearl disk that slides along the chain, it ensures the medallion remains gracefully centred at your chosen length—whether 38, 40, or 42 cm. As you adjust, this design promises a harmonious and chic look every time.

“With Nika jewels there is no need to compromise on fun: combine the joy of movement with this timeless design, capturing the carefree spirit of these fresh, young jewels. It is a collection that never fails to amaze with its simplicity, femininity and versatility.”

Renilde Vervoort

The cuff bracelet offers an innovative open design with a fun-to-flip Nika medallion accented by a smaller mother-of-pearl disk. The cuff opens up, making it easy to put on or take off.

Long, dangling earrings combine two Nika medallions with one small mother-of-pearl disk. The Nika medallions shimmer and move with the wearer.

The medallion of our newest Nika earrings also can turn to switch between the open-work medallion and the precious mother of pearl side.

This “almost” stud earrings featuring an ingenious little ball that allows the medallion to rotate, showing the open-work medallion or the precious mother-or-pearl side.  

The ring has a new, open design with a fun-to-flip Nika medallion accented by a smaller mother-of-pearl disk.

The ring has a 16 mm rotating Nika signature medallion, the style of the ring is inspired by Roman examples.

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