The Secret of Berenice

The Secret of Berenice Collection

This collection celebrates the Peridot, this wonderful, lime-green gem and the first woman ever to wear this stone, Queen Berenice of Egypt (ca. 300 BC). But she kept it a secret…. 

sassi fine jewellery Secret of Berenice necklace

The Secret of Berenice Necklace. A stupendous piece, eleven amethysts and ten peridots grace this exquisite necklace. A dash of Italian style in true Sassi signature.

Sassi Fine Jewellery secret of berenice drop earrings

The Secret of Berenice Drop Earrings. Truly regal earrings showcasing the finest quality amethyst drops and peridot cushion cabochons.

A real showstopper, the amethyst cabochon in the purest quality combined with six cushion cut peridots, set in a superb cocktail ring that will be the highlight of the evening.

The Egyptian royalty, both men and women, loved gold jewellery and colourful gems. They ordered explorers to search for new gemstones all over the world and deliver them to the royal court to be cut and polished. One of these explorers repeatedly tried to reach the island of Zabargad in the Red Sea which was often shrouded in mist, eluding the navigators as if it had disappeared into the depths of the sea. In ancient times it was therefore called Topazos, meaning ‘to seek’. 
Finally he managed to reach Zabargad where he found an extraordinary lime-green stone on the beach. Stunned by its beauty, the explorer hurried back to the royal palace in Thebes, to show the gem, later called a peridot, to Queen Berenice.

Pectoral and Necklace of Princess Sit-hathor-yunet 1887–1878 B.C. – The Metropolitan Museum. This cloisonné pectoral is inlaid with 372 carefully cut pieces of gemstones. 

Necklace with exquisite amethysts drops and peridot gemstones. The peridots are set on both sides of the prongs, so that the necklace looks perfect, always.

Queen Berenice must have fallen head over heels for this fascinating stone. Even by candle light the beautiful green colour shone as bright as during the day. This in contrast with the other green gem, the emerald, which turns dark with artificial light. The others must have been wondering how this was even possible… We think Queen Berenice kept it a secret, the sassy woman.

We imagined Berenice combined the warm-green peridot with an intense purple amethyst, an excellent choice. Besides being the contrasting colour for lime-green, purple was exclusively reserved for royalty. Tyrian purple dye for textiles was extremely costly to make, also the gem amethyst was expensive. It was at that time considered one of the “big five” gems alongside the diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald. The peridot became very coveted: Cleopatra’s “emeralds” were most likely peridots.

Amethyst Ring | Sassi Fine Jewellery | The Secret of Berenice
Lime Green Peridot Ring | The Secret of Berenice collection | Sassi Fine Jewellery

These beautiful rings come in soft lavender hues of amethyst and warm lime-green peridots, beautiful on their own or to stack with the other rings of the same collection for a perfect fit.

“The design of this collection is inspired by a Roman necklace dating from the first century. Set in the warm hues of yellow gold, the Secret of Berenice is a truly royal collection — chic, elegant and breathtakingly beautiful.”

Renilde Vervoort

Earrings | The Secret of Berenice | Sassi Fine Jewellery

Versatile “back to front” earrings, to be worn with two beautiful stones, a peridot & an amethyst, or just one stone, as peridot studs.

sassi fine jewellery secret of berenice earrings

Amethyst drops are combined with a peridot and a gold bead.

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