Enchanted Collection

The Enchanted necklace and bracelet are enchanted because the possibilities to wear them are infinite, each of its stackable, mix-and-matchable jewels is a veritable work of art. The rounded, hand crafted links are connected by a thin, gold double chain, delicate and bold at the same time, sensual in their masterful charm.

These seductive and elegant jewellery pieces push the boundaries of versatility. The secret lies in not one, but two clasps, hidden as links on the necklace. The easy chic of the Enchanted collection is perfect for travel and everyday wear.

Necklace Enchanted | Sassi Fine Jewellery
Enchanted links

The necklace can be worn double or as a long sautoir, or even ‘half- double’ or as a lariat. Add a bracelet for extra length. Or wear two bracelets as a choker. Use the necklace as a bracelet, wrapped five times around the wrist. Add two bracelets so the necklace can be worn three times around the neck.

The thin gold double chain is connected by different-sized oval links, two of them hiding the clasps.

Both in the Nika collection and Enchanted we use the same small chain, so the collections can be mixed and matched to perfection, per the true Sassi spirit.

The Enchanted collection comes in three colours gold: soft rose gold, warm yellow gold and sparkling white gold.


Link Jewelry | Enchanted | Sassi Fine Jewellery

The clasp, hidden as a link, can be ordered
separately to hang any charm to the
Enchanted bracelet.

The Enchanted bracelet is as versatile as the necklace. Add it to the chain for an even longer necklace. Add another bracelet for a choker. Or add a third bracelet for a 60 cm necklace. Add a link to hang your personal charm.

“Jewellery can give us this feeling of protection or have a special meaning for the wearer.

The Enchanted necklace and bracelet make it possible to add any personal charm you desire. Or wear these pieces just like they are, they are enchanted: every day you will discover new ways of wearing them.”

Renilde Vervoort

Sassi invites you to add your personal amulets. Attach a pendant, a charm, or even a ring. Any ‘amulet’ you like can be added. Have a look at My Crystal Ball, Over the Moon hangers and My Wand. Need extra clasps? No problem, we got it! The Enchanted collection offers the ultimate personalisation and unlimited versatility.

The earliest forms of jewellery, amulets, were not worn for adornment but for protection from the dangers of life. The function of the amulets developed over time to offer more than simple protection and became a mark of status or rank.

The discovery of how to work metals was an important stage in the development of the art of jewellery. Over time, metalworking techniques became more sophisticated and decoration more intricate. Beautiful gemstones, cut into shapes, enhanced with gold, eventually blurred the distinction between jewels and amulets.

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