The Story of La Vie en Rose

“Je vois la vie en rose” can be translated as “I see life through rose coloured glasses.” Its literal meaning is “I see life in Pink.” Living with an attitude or outlook of positivity, seeing beauty in the everyday, being happy and looking at the bright side of life. This expression reminds many of a popular song by Edith Piaf, a French singer, who performed in 1945, making her instantly and internationally famous.

The expression dates from the nineteenth century while the colour pink or rose had already connotation of love and tenderness since the Middle Ages. The timing of Edith Piaf’s song was perfect. World War II just ended and many felt relief and were hopeful again. The lyrics expressed the joy of finding true love, which appealed to those who had survived the difficulties of the war.

We selected big cabochon cut rose quartz gems for the bracelet, mounted in rose gold bezels, hinged together and finished at each end with an amethyst cabochon, for a refined finishing touch and stunning colour combination. The stylish lock, also finished with amethysts gems, is adjustable. The rings have rose quartz bubbles combined with amethyst cabochons. The soft rose of the big cabochons contrasts beautifully with the more intense purple amethysts.

sassi fine jewellery La Vie en Rose collection

Joie de vivre bubbles out of this capsule collection, like rose champagne bubbles, pink and translucent, so you can live “la vie en rose”.

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