The Story of Iaera

The Mediterranean, the cradle of Western societies, has been for centuries the center stage of many cultures. Not surprisingly many myths and legends were being told. In ancient Greece, Poseidon, the god of the sea, ruled over the Mediterranean.

He was accompanied by the Nereids, the 50 daughters of Doris and Nereus. Iaera was one of them, lending her name to this collection. The Nereids were gorgeous women, symbolising everything that is beautiful and kind about the sea, protecting the fishermen and sailors. The Nereids lived in the depths of the water in a golden palace. In ancient art, they were depicted as beautiful, young maidens riding on the backs of dolphins and other sea creatures.

The shape of the gems in this collection are elongated, pencil-shaped. Some gems naturally grow like this. Therefore the shape was often used in ancient jewellery since it was quite easy to turn the gem into a usable bead by drilling a hole in the length of its natural shape.

The Iaera collection is inspired by different Roman necklaces with elongated, hammered links and pencil shaped gems. We used unpolished blue topaz, since the colour approaches the tranquil, blue waters of the Mediterranean best. Our elongated links are not hammered but cast, for a more streamlined and three-dimensional shape. They pair well with the pencil-shaped gems while contrast is created by the finish: the links are polished while the gemstones are left unpolished, its lengths vary slightly. The soft rose gold marries perfectly with the softened look of the unpolished blue topaz. The collection is – in other words – stunning by its simplicity.

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