The Story of Confetti

This capsule collection features not less than eight different colours of gemstones set in 18k rose gold.

In Roman times confetti were used to celebrate marriages and births, they were edible and colourful, a custom that still exists today. They were made of grains of coriander or aniseeds coated with hard sugar, available in different colours, thrown during festivities and parades to the crowds. The sweets were replaced by paper confetti since the 19th century for hygienic reasons. In Italy, confetti are still edible and offered as presents for happy occasions, such as weddings and birthdays, beautifully wrapped. They come in many colours. The paper version, coriandoli, is thrown during carnaval and other happy festivities, these are called confetti in the rest of the world. Our Confetti are candy-coloured gemstones, also intended for happy celebrations


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