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Iaera Choker

Wear this piece however you like it: as a choker or as a bracelet, twice around the wrist.


Tanit bracelet

The Tanit bracelet follows the same playful combination of oblong and round links as the necklace. Its length is approximately 19 cm, and it offers the option to hook any charm in the links or combine it with the necklace for extra length. The bracelet's effortless chic style makes it perfect for daily wear.


Nika Bracelet

The cuff bracelet offers an innovative open design with a fun-to-flip Nika medallion accented by a smaller mother-of-pearl disk. The cuff opens up, making it easy to put on or take off.

From $5,295

Opus Incertum Bracelet

Ten gemstones alternate with open links as a pathway. The gems, blue and green agate, green and blue turquoise, green-blue chalcedony, lapis lazuli, phrenite, chrysophase, blue topaz, London blue topaz and crystal quartz are set in 18k yellow gold. The top of the links are polished, while the side have an hand-engraved Florentine finish. The […]

From $8,290

Iaera One-strand Necklace & Bracelet

One-strand necklace that also can be worn as a bracelet, three times around the wrist. Or it can be added to the three-strand Iaera necklace, for an extra layer, turning it into a four-strand necklace.


Enchanted Link

The clasp, hidden as a link, can be ordered separately to hang any charm to the Enchanted bracelet.

Enchanted Bracelet

The Enchanted bracelet is as versatile as the necklace. Add it to the chain for an even longer necklace. Add another bracelet for a choker. Or add a third bracelet for a 60 cm necklace. Add a link to hang your personal charm.


Confetti Bracelet

Confetti bracelet, a burst of colour at your wrist!

From $2,995

La Vie en Rose Bracelet

La Vie en Rose bracelet has 6 perfect rose quartz cabochons of 18 mm set in rose gold and 16 amethyst cabochons of 3 mm. The bracelet can be adjusted and measures minimum 16 cm and maximum 20 cm.

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