Zeste Collection

Delicate and feminine, the Zeste rings are a seductive force.

Choose between a single stone, in two sizes, or get two gems in one ring.

The zesty colours of lime, lemon, tangerine and blood-orange celebrate your zest for life. Stack and combine as much as you like and enjoy your day!

Double Zeste ring citrine peridot 01

“Zeste is inspired by a Byzantine ring dating from the 12th-13th century. The delicate perlé on the ring is subtly repeated in the collet of the gemstone. 

While looking at different ways to cut stones, the buff-top cut brings the best of both worlds: the smooth, angular gem with masculine undertones is yet sparkling, lively and feminine thanks to the facetted pavilion. A cabochon and a facetted stone in one!”

Renilde Vervoort

Lemon yellow citrine 10mm

Tangerine madeira citrine 10mm

Lime peridot 10mm

Blood orange red garnet 10mm

Lemon yellow citrine 8mm

Tangerine madeira citrine 8mm

Lime peridot 8mm

Blood orange red garnet 8mm

How to wear

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