Tesserae Collection

Sugar loaf-cut gems in a rail settings, allows them to slide safely around the ring. To satisfy the fidgeters, or those looking for something extraordinary in their jewels.

Tesserae Ring Citrine, madeira citrine, red garnet & amethyst 01

Citrine, madeira citrine, red garnet & amethyst

Swiss blue topaz, amethyst, madeira citrine & peridot

Swiss blue topaz, amethyst & peridot

The earrings feature Peridot sugar loaf squares combined here with golden citrine sugar loaf-cut gems. Other color combinations are available: Swiss blue topaz with madeira citrine; amethyst with red garnet. Or your personal favourites…

We added a playful twist to our Tesserae rings: the coloured gemstones can be spun to your heart’s content while on your finger. Because we love playing with our jewellery.

How to wear

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