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Opus incertum is a building term, dating back to the Roman times. It refers to a construction technique, which uses irregularly shaped and randomly placed stones… (read more)

Opus Incertum Necklace 01

The Opus Incertum necklace beautifully alternates open gold links with ten gemstones, showcasing a spectrum of seven hues that transition from cool blues to radiant greens. The meticulous interplay between the Florentine finish on the link sides and the high- polished yellow gold atop infuses an exquisite touch of luxury. With a concealed clasp, the necklace presents a flawless view from every angle. The length is 47 cm, 18k yellow gold.

The Opus Incertum bracelet elegantly weaves a double-rowed journey. Seven or eight captivating gemstones, featuring doublets from blue and green agate, green and blue turquoise, green-blue chalcedony, lapis lazuli, phrenite, chrysoprase, blue topaz, London blue topaz, and crystal quartz, intersperse with open gold links. Crafted in yellow gold, each link presents a polished top, contrasted beautifully by the hand-engraved Florentine finish on its sides The bracelet comes in 17 cm with seven gems and 19 cm with eight gems. 

“The different blue gems capture the bliss of the mesmerising and ever-changing hues of a sun-drenched sea or crystal clear lake. The greens evoke a lush tropical forest, displaying all the different shades of green, while sunlight filters through its canopy.

Opus Incertum is a hallmark of Sassi’s savoir-faire. With rounded shapes, audacious volumes and dazzling colours, each of our jewels is a veritable work of art. Our strong commitment to traditional craftsmanship and our love for coloured gemstones is affirmed in this magnificent collection.”

Renilde Vervoort

The Opus Incertum ring is in fact a trio: three individual bands adorned with a total of seven gemstones, each ring can be worn separately or harmoniously combined in different ways.

The Opus Incertum earring-clips are a magnificent showcase of all seven colours, each carefully selected for its vibrancy and lustre to create a mesmerising array of colours.

The Opus Incertum earrings are customisable to mirror your desires. Choose from any of the seven vibrant hues to create a pair that resonates with your individuality. Tailored to your preferences, these earrings embody both elegance and personal expression.

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