La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose Collection

“Je vois la vie en rose” means “I see life with rose coloured glasses”. This phrase comes from a popular song by Edith Piaf, a French singer, performed in 1945, making her instantly and internationally famous.

The lyrics expressed the joy of finding true love, which appealed to those who had survived the difficulties of the war. Joie de vivre bubbles out of this collection, like rose champagne bubbles, pink and translucent, so you can see life through rose coloured glasses too. Cheers!

sassi fine jewellery La Vie en Rose bracelet

La Vie en Rose bracelet has 6 perfect rose quartz cabochons of 18 mm set in rose gold and 16 amethyst cabochons of 3 mm. The bracelet can be adjusted and measures minimum 16 cm and maximum 20 cm.

We added small amethyst cabochons on the top and the bottom of the hinges for a refined finishing touch and stunning colour combination. The stylish lock, finished with amethysts gems, is adjustable.

The design is inspired by a Roman bracelet, the gems are all missing in the original piece, but the basis is still there: round settings for the gems, attached by ingenious hinges.

“True luxury is not based on hype, is not only about what something is, but how it makes you feel. A jewel should be beautiful. well designed, easy to wear and well made by skilled craftsmen. It should also improve your mood and invigorate your life. This is our philosophy for all Sassi jewels, and particularly for La Vie en Rose.”

Renilde Vervoort

La Vie en Rose ring 01

La Vie en Rose rings come in two different designs. Three rose quartz cabochons are surrounded by four or five amethyst bubbles, set in 18k rose gold.

Happiness bubbles on your fingers, the soft rose of the big cabochons contrasts beautifully with the more intense purple amethysts. Set in rose gold, to “voir la vie en rose” every day.

How to wear

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