Iaera Collection

The Iaera collection is minimalist, yet sophisticated, an understated simplicity for everyday wear.

In short, Iaera is simply stunning.

The name of the collection is derived from a sea nymph, one of the daughters of Nereus. These gorgeous young women accompanied Poseidon, the god of the sea. Iaera and her sisters represent everything that is beautiful and kind about the sea. Iaera lived with her sisters in the depths of the Mediterranean in a golden palace.

Three-strand necklace with soft sea-blue pencil-cut gems and rose gold.

We selected unpolished blue topaz to capture the bliss of the mesmerising hues of a sun-drenched Mediterranean, tranquil and kind to those who sail its waters, and combined it with rose gold, to represent the golden palace of Iaera deep in the sea. This collection encapsulates wearable sophistication, perfect for everyday wear.
Iaera ring

Creatively elegant ring crafted with the Iaera links in rose gold and unpolished sea blue topaz.

Sassi Fine Jewellery Iaera earrings

Gorgeous and elegant earrings reminiscent of a summer evening in the soft hues of unpolished blue topaz and rose gold.

“The design is inspired by Roman necklaces using unpolished, pencil-shaped gemstones. Several examples dating from the first and the second century AD survive. Either the links are simple, hammered loops or the gems are alternated with more intricate designs in between. Another Roman necklace gave the inspiration for the elongated links.
Pencil-shaped gemstones have this shape because this is the way the gems such as aquamarine, emerald and tourmaline grow naturally. By simply drilling this pencil in length a natural bead was formed.”

Renilde Vervoort

Iaera necklace
Iaera Collection by Sassi Fine Jewellery | Jewelries, Necklace

One-strand necklace that also can be worn as a bracelet, three times around the wrist. Or it can be added to the three-strand Iaera necklace, for an extra layer, turning it into a four-strand necklace.

How to wear

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