Confetti Collection

Celebrations, fun and laughter, are associated with colourful confetti. The Confetti collection is young, free-spirited and carefree.
Joyful, happy, made of candy-coloured gemstones, the gems will dance the night away around your neck. Party Time!

Confetti necklace 01
Like confetti, the gems dangle playfully, moving with every step and move.

The choker can be combined with the necklace or worn on its own. Or twice around the wrist for a bracelet!

“Our confetti collection features colourful cabochon-cut gems, green tourmalines, lime-green peridots, golden citrines, red garnets, pink tourmalines, pink rhodolites, purple amethysts, Swiss blue topaz, and London blue topaz complete the colour circle. Candy colours for happy celebrations and fun times.”

Renilde Vervoort

Confetti ring, playful as ever! The gems can rotate and you can wear the ring in two different ways. One of our clients said: “I derive a ridiculous amount of pleasure from playing with my jewellery.” So here is another piece to play with!

Confetti bracelet, a burst of colour at your wrist!

How to wear

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